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First Results From The BIONICS Trial

Medinol's BioNIR™ drug-eluting stent was found non-inferior to the Resolute stent based on one-year clinical outcomes in a randomized study that enrolled 1,919 patients at 76 sites in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Israel. The primary endpoint of Target Lesion Failure (TLF) was found identical for both stents with a rate of 5.4% at one year

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What Makes Medinol Different

Dr. Marty Leon of the Columbia University Medical Center and Dr. Kobi Richter, Medinol Co-Founder and CTO, talk about the innovation Medinol brings to interventional cardiology. An interview between two interventional cardiology pioneers about the constant evolution of medical devices, what makes a better stent and the role Medinol plays in interventional cardiology.


About Us

Medinol is dedicated to the science of cardiovascular intervention. For over 20 years, our in-house research, development, and manufacturing have continuously raised the bar for quality and performance of stenting systems. With over two million stents delivered to date, our cutting-edge cardiovascular intervention technology continues to demonstrate extraordinary clinical results, and our products constantly stretch the limits of innovation.

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Medinol's fifth generation coronary stent, the NIRxcell, is made from cobalt-chromium alloy using our QualitySurface manufacturing technology. The Flexx² catheter technology provides NIRxcell an unmatched ease-of-delivery, especially in tough anatomies. Featuring the unique WiZeCell stent design, that ensures optimal balance between conformability and scaffolding, NIRxcell showed outstanding results in recent clinical studies.

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Recanalization of Chronic Total Occlusions (CTOs) remains a challenge for even the most experienced interventionalists. Piculet™ brings a new approach for crossing occlusions in the peripheral vasculature by delivering a high-frequency hammering force to a guide wire via a metallic catheter tip, thereby breaking calcific CTOs in the peripheral vasculature and creating “true-lumen” recanalization.

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All Medinol cardiovascular intervention solutions are manufactured in our proprietary, FDA-registered manufacturing facility. Leveraging the unique and patented QualitySurface™ manufacturing technology, Medinol conducts strict and automated quality control on each individual stent, ensuring consistently exceptional product quality and safety.

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WiZeCell Design

Now in its fifth generation and used in our NIRxcell and eDES stents , the innovative WiZeCell Design continues to lead modern stenting, eliminating any compromise between vessel conformability, scaffolding integrity, and radial support. WiZeCell design's unique geometry enables optimal side branch access after deployment and does not allow large gaps between struts thereby minimizing the Snap-Trap Effect that may lead to tissue prolapse.

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Flexx² Catheter Technology

Medinol’s Flexx² catheter technology is a game-changer in coronary stent deliverability, especially in tough anatomies. Featuring a metallic spring tip designed to eliminate tip flare out and buckling, Flexx² improves crossability compared to delivery systems that use polymer tips. Flexx² offers the only radio-opaque tip, enabling physicians to visualize actual catheter-tip location during angioplasty.

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eDES Coating

Medinol’s patented eDES technology* (eDES: elastomeric Drug-Eluting Stent) changes the face of drug-eluting stenting by lowering the risks associated with surface imperfections and deformations that can lead to polymer cracking and peeling.

*Currently in clinical studies

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