• NIRxcell™

    Designed for superior deliverability and conformability, our fifth generation coronary stent demonstrates exceptional TLR rates

  • EluNIR™

    The first ever elastomer Drug-Eluting Stent is now in clinical trials including more than 2,200 patients treated in the United States and Europe

  • NC Gallant™

    Our PTCA balloon catheter is designed for deliverability by leveraging Flexx² technology with the spring tip

  • Piculet™

    Piculet brings a new approach for treating Chronic Total Occlusions. It enables, for the first time, delivering a high-frequency hammering force to a guide wire via a metallic catheter tip, thereby breaking calcific CTOs in the peripheral vasculature and creating “true-lumen” recanalization

  • ChampioNIR™

    Our future peripheral stent combines metallic structure with an elastomer micro-fiber mesh designed for superior flexibility, outstanding radial support and conformability

  • X-Suit NIR™

    Setting a new standard in biliary stenting performance with excellent conformability, optimal coverage of the bile duct and outstanding radial support. Distributed by Olympus Medical

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