• Exceptionally Low TLR (Target Lesion Revascularization): 5.1% at 9 months
  • NIRxcell was tested on over 1,000 patients and found highly-effective in numerous clinical trials



  • Unmatched Ease-Of-Delivery - NIRxcell owes its deliverability to Flexx², our catheter technology with an innovative spring tip that is more pushable and at the same time more flexible than plastic tips used in other delivery systems
  • The Only Visible Tip - NIRxcell is the only stent with a radiopaque tip, enabling visualization of the catheter-tip location during PCI


radio opaque spring tip visible in xray angioplasty

                         Superior Deliverability - the Spring Tip                                                      A Visible Tip


  • Lowest True Entry-Profile In The Market - The spring tip was designed to cross difficult lesions, traverse implanted stents and tackle tortuous and calcified anatomies



Since coronary arteries are rarely straight, true entry profile is measured on a curve. Plastic tips gap and "fishmouth" while the Flexx² Spring tip continues to closely hug the wire.


  • Best In Class Vessel Conformability and Scaffolding - WiZeCell stent design minimizes variations in cell size, providing a high conformability in curved sections and uniform scaffolding even during myocardial contractions
  • Low Crossing Profile and excellent flexibility during delivery 
  • Optimal Side-Branch Access after stent deployment


                                   WiZeCell Stent Design - Best In Class Conformability and Scaffolding

  • Avoiding Snap Trap Effect - Unlike other stent designs, WiZeCell does not allow large gaps between struts and minimizes the Snap Trap Effect that may lead to tissue prolapse and potentially inflammatory processes and restenosis
  • Medinol’s unique patented manufacturing technology, enables a more precisely produced stent and markedly-enhanced quality control
  • NIRxcell stents are laser-cut from cobalt-chromium alloy panels and then undergo Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) on both the luminal and abluminal surfaces

                                                                         QualitySurface Manufacturing


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* Endeavor II Trial; Endeavor vs. Driver Stent: Fajadet et al., Circ. 2006; 114:798-806. PIONIR Study – data on file at Medinol (the NIRxcell stent is identical to the stent used on the PIONIR study). OMEGA Trial, John C. Wang, MD, CRT 2014. Multi-Link Vision Registry; Kereiakes et al., Am J Cardiol. 2003; 92:463-6

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