• Recanalization of Chronic Total Occlusions (CTOs) remains a challenge for even the most experienced interventionalists
  • Piculet™ brings a new approach for crossing occlusions in the peripheral vasculature by delivering a high-frequency hammering force to a guide wire via a metallic catheter tip, thereby breaking calcific CTOs in the peripheral vasculature and creating “true-lumen” recanalization  
  • Piculet delivers higher impact for breaking fibrotic and calcific CTOs than can be generated manually
  • “True-lumen” recanalization


Piculet Catheter


Piculet Console And Control Unit


  • An external console compresses a spring at the distal tip of the Piculet crossing device. When expanding, the spring generates a hammering force at the catheter tip and at the guide wire tip
  • Physician control of hammering force - simultaneous control of spring expansion frequency and amplitude for optimized crossing of different types of occlusion
  • Conforms to physician's preferred 0.014” wire choice and wire escalation strategy
  • Radiopaque tip, enabling the physician to visualize the catheter-tip location during procedure


Imaging of a CTO at The Distal Segment of the SFA:

        Attempt To Cross Manually           Activation of Piculet: CTO                Final Result After
        For More Than 10 Minutes             Crossing Within 3 Minutes               Ballooning And Stenting


Piculet Radiopaque Tip Coupled With a Guide Wire


Not approved for marketing in the United States

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