When first introduced, Medinol’s proprietary stent design was a paradigm shift in cardiovascular stenting. Now in its fifth generation, the innovative WiZeCell Design continues to lead modern stenting, eliminating any compromise between vessel conformability, scaffolding integrity, and radial support by offering an integrated design maximizing all benefits simultaneously.


Stent Performance* 

stent perfromance


The WiZeCell Design achieves its simultaneous flexibility, conformability, and support owing to its unique multi-strut architecture, which is comprised of:

  • Flexible narrow strut rings - providing maximum flexibility and conformability, even dynamically during systolic cycles
  • Wide supportive strut rings - providing radial force and vessel support 


Moreover, the WiZeCell Design's unique geometry enables optimal side branch access after deployment, and helps streamline the delivery process by eliminating strut overhang.


nirxcell stent in lesion on delivery system flexx2

Low Crossing Profile and High Flexibility

harmonious design in nirxcell stent

 Optimal Conformability and Scaffolding


Better Conformability with No Compromise on Scaffolding Integrity

Owing to natural vessel curvature and myocardial contractions, the gaps between traditional stent struts often change size. This can create a “snap trap” effect which can traumatize vessel tissue, cause inflammation and lead to restenosis.


Medinol's WiZeCell architecture, with its unique combination of flexible narrow struts and wide supportive struts, minimizes variations in inter-strut gaps, even in sharp vessel bends and during systolic cycles. This highly-uniform scaffolding conforms to vessel anatomy and moves dynamically with the vessel, reducing trauma to vessel-wall tissue and the resulting inflammation that can lead to restenosis.

 nirxcell stent harmonious design on delivery balloon

NIRxcell: WiZeCell Design At Work



* Test data on file at Medinol 


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