Self Expanding Peripheral Stent

Medinol is THE FIRST to create an SFA DES device that delivers a rapamycin analog (limus) drug at therapeutic levels for >75 days. ChampioNIR combines a highly flexible, highly deliverable, and virtually un-fracturable stent that delivers drug like a DCB, to every millimeter of the vessel surface. The self-expanding Nitinol radial structure provides unsurpassed flexibility and fracture resistance and the polymeric coating provides tensile strength for precise implantation and bioresorbable drug delivery while allowing for unaffected side branch filling.

The nitinol self-expanding radial structure provides excellent delivery and radial strength

Bioresorbable polymeric coating provides for tensile strength to enhance device delivery and drug delivery to the entire surface of the vessel, not just via coated struts which leads to imperfect vessel coverage. The coating, while providing both structural and drug delivery capabilities, does not interfere with side branch filling

New delivery system, in concert with the design advantages listed above, create a device that can be delivered within 1mm of target

The Polymeric coating also delivers drug to the ENTIRE surface of the vessel in much the same manner as a DCB instead of only where the struts contact the vessel wall as current SFA DES stents perform giving a much more uniform delivery.