Stent Design

Adaptive cell size designed for optimal scaffolding and uniform drug dosing while preventing tissue prolapse.

Group 17292

Lower is Better

Low Metal Footprint

Low cobalt-chromium footprint with ultra-narrow 40µm and 72µm struts.

low is better
max tissu

Tissue Prolapse

Scaffolding & Conformability

EluNIR PERL’s optimized cell size ensures uniform scaffolding and prevents tissue prolapse and strut overlap.

Design Features

  • Low metal footprint cobalt-chromium design

  • Exceptional Scaffolding and Conformability

  • Optimized side branch access

Metal Spring Tip

Medinol’s patented Flexx² technology is a game-changer in coronary deliverability, especially in tough anatomies. Flexx² is based on a tapered spring tip designed to eliminate tip flare out and buckling while enabling simultaneous flexibility and pushability.

EluNIR PERL Flexx tiny

Enhanced Metal Spring Tip

  • Superior Deliverability

  • Enhanced Pushability & Flexibility

  • Eliminates flare out and buckling

  • Enhanced Tip Radiopacity

Tip Visibility

Purposefully designed spring tip for superior deliverability in challenging anatomies

Elastomeric Polymer

Long Term Durability

The EluNIR’s novel coating has elastic properties that resists cracking and is designed to maintain surface integrity providing controlled drug elution.

Optimal combination of coating and process design offers predictable and uniform release of Ridaforolimus.

nominal presure
An Nominal Pressure
At Rated Burst Pressure