A One-of-a-Kind Manufacturing Technology

All Medinol cardiovascular intervention solutions are manufactured in our proprietary, FDA-approved manufacturing facility. Leveraging unique and patented QualitySurface™ manufacturing technology, Medinol conducts strict and automated quality control on each individual stent, ensuring consistently exceptional product quality and safety.

A Unique Manufacturing Process

Inspired by the microelectronics industry, QualitySurface manufacturing enables Medinol to produce higher-quality stents which are individually inspected from both the abluminal and intraluminal sides throughout the production process. From cutting to coating and beyond, QualitySurface creates consistent quality:


Medinol’s stents are cut by laser from cobalt-chrome alloy panels. Each panel includes multiple stent patterns, cut during the same sequence in a process far superior to traditional tube-based stent manufacturing.

eDES Technology

Medinol’s NIRsupreme Drug-Eluting Stents are coated using our patented eDES technology, in which cobalt-chrome panels are coated with an advanced elastomer instead of traditional rigid polymers used with other drug eluting stents. eDES also enables a highly-uniform coated surface, eliminating dripping and other sticking irregularities common to traditionally-applied tube-based coatings.

Quality Control

cutting stents from cobalt-chrome panels also enables complete inspection of the stent surface using advanced Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) technologies. Unlike traditional stents that are manufactured from tubes, AVI of panels enables highly-accurate and early detection of deformations, manufacturing variability and other quality issues.