The Valve Medical TAVR aortic valve replacement device, is the first expression of our unique patented modular technology, allowing us to miniaturize implantable devices. Valve Medical is the first company to assemble a class lII medical device In Situ. The ability to deliver a valve through a standard 12 Fr sheath, reduces bleeding complications related to the profile and opens global markets, where the current devices are simply too large for local populations.

Valve Module

Assembled Device

Anchor Module

  • Modular (2-piece)
  • Bioprosthetic
  • Trans-femoral implantation
  • 10 Fr

Key Advantages

True 10 fr profile:

  • Reduced vascular complications, increased deliverability & availability to virtually all patients

Optimized frame module:

  • Minimal interference with conduction system, mitral valve
  • Self seating
  • Facilitates coronary access
  • High radial force increased by valve (ring)docking

Optimized leaflet module:

  • Full thickness pericardium
  • Reduced crimping force on leaflets
  • 3D fixation: fewer stitches, higher durability & manufacturability

PVL reduction

  • with space-occupying coating
  • Clinical Status: FIM 2022