elastomeric Coating-Surface Integrity

  • EluNIR, the first elastomeric Drug-Eluting Stent (eDES) was developed in response to ongoing clinical concerns of complications associated with traditional DES surface quality and integrity.
  • EluNIR’s elastomeric coating and coating process ensure an exceptional surface quality and long term coating integrity compared to pro-inflammatory cracking and peeling of durable polymers.

Brittle Polymer Concerns

From crimping through delivery through calcified lesions, expansion and drug elution, drug-eluting stents endure substantial mechanical and chemical stress. Inherently brittle, traditional polymer coatings of drug eluting stents have been shown to develop surface imperfections and deformations, which under stress can crack and even peel away from the stent.

Such cracking and peeling can lead to uneven drug release that may result in under- and over-dosing of the vessel wall. Moreover, they were associated with inflammation and thrombogenicity

Cracking and Peeling of Durable and Bioabsorbable Polymer in Various Drug-Eluting Stents

Elastomeric Coating

  • The first stent manufacturer to offer elastomer-based coating, Medinol eliminates the risks associated with cracking and peeling, delivering a smooth elastic surface.
  • EluNIR’s surface elasticity and smoothness is enabled by QualitySurface™ – our proprietary manufacturing technology that enables a high quality coating of stent panels with an elastomer and limus drug.
  • Improved surface quality and long-term coating integrity may promote clinical advantages such as better endothelialization, lower inflammation, lower stent thrombosis and restenosis rates.

Uniform Drug Release

eDES uniquely complements Medinol’s renowned WiZeCell stent design. With the unique combination of flexible narrow struts and wide supportive struts, the WiZeCell scaffolding minimizes variations in inter-strut gap size, even in vessel bends.

Leveraging the highly-uniform WiZeCell scaffolding, which better conforms to vessel anatomy and moves naturally with the vessel, eDES technology enables a more long-term surface integrity and enables predictable, uniform release of a limus drug to the vessel wall.

eDES: Smooth and Uniform Elastomer Coating

Images taken with scanning electron microscope