Dr. Raj Dave of Cardiovascular Experts of PA implanted the EluNIR – PERL DES

May 20, 2024

The EluNIR-PERL is Medinol’s most recent advancement in coronary stent technology. This seventh-generation stent features a unique stent design which utilizes a distinctive CoCr framework composed of struts with varying widths and integrates radiopaque markers into its structure.

Furthermore, the stent features a specialized radiopaque enhanced metal spring tip designed for navigating through complex anatomies. These design elements are intended to equip physicians with precise positional information, facilitating accurate stent placement during PCI procedures.

The EluNIR – PERL Key Features:

Enhanced Deliverability and Crossability

Superior deliverability with a unique and flexible metal spring tip.

Outstanding Surface Integrity

Elastomeric coating and outstanding surface integrity providing a uniform rapamycin analogue drug elution.

Unparalleled Visibility

Reinforced radiopaque tip and stent markers for accurate delivery and stent positioning.

Optimal Scaffolding and Conformability

Unique stent design providing optimal flexibility and radial strength resulting in superior scaffolding and vessel conformability.

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