Redefining Deliverability

Flexx²TM Technology

Medinol’s patented Flexx² technology is a game- changer in coronary deliverability, especially in tough anatomies.

Flexx² is based on a tapered spring tip designed to eliminate tip flare out and buckling while enabling simultaneous flexibility and pushability.

The Spring Tip Heart of Flexx² Catheter Technology

Flexx² features an innovative spring tip, which radically improves crossability compared to other delivery systems that typically use polymer-based tips.
Close Tracking
The tapered metallic spring tip is designed to closely track the guidewire and eliminate flare out in bends.
Better Pushability
The tip is designed to avoid buckling that may get caught in tough lesions or when crossing through deployed stents.
Maximized Crossability
In complex anatomies or difficult lesions, the Flexx² spring tip maximizes crossability, where traditional plastic tips get caught or collapse.

The Spring Tip at the Heart of

Flexx² Catheter Technology

The Only Visible Tip

Uncompromised Flexibility

Flexx² includes a reinforced hypotube for better hub-to-tip force transfer, enabling to navigate through tortuous anatomy without kinking and a silk-like hydrophilic coating that maximizes tactile feedback.
Flexx² offers the only radio-opaque tip, enabling physicians to visualize actual catheter-tip location during angioplasty – lowering exposure to contrast agents and radiation, and increasing procedure safety and accuracy.

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