Medinol For The Community

Join our community - where social responsibility and positive change go hand in hand
Medinol acknowledges the importance of community engagement in strengthening its bond with the community.
As a socially conscious company, we prioritize preserving the environment, endorse healthcare initiatives, and encourage our staff to participate in initiatives that generate positive outcomes.
NIR School of the Heart
Since 1998
The NIR School of the Heart is a comprehensive experiential program aimed at enriching the academic, cultural, social and personal development of promising teenagers throughout the Middle East.
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Embracing Holocaust Survivors
Since 2012
In the last decade we have been adopting Holocaust survivors from the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv areas
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Medinol Forest
Since 1998
Medinol has supported the Jewish National Fund organization that works to advance the principles of harmony between people and their environment
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Integration of Employees with Disabilities
Since 2013
Medinol collaborates with various organizations to integrate people with disabilities into a range of positions in the company.
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Young Leadership Initiatives
Medinol has been taking an active part in narrowing the gaps in Israeli society through the development of employment initiatives.
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